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Good idea!

Along with Toms, I have found another company that has taken up the one for one movement.  It’s called the Got Your Back Movement and when you purchase a t-shirt from these guys they provide a school uniform to a child in Haiti.  Without a uniform, children are not allowed to attend school.  Without education, children will miss out on many opportunities to grow, learn, and make a difference for their communities.  Not only do they provide clothing for children, their mission is to identify need and start to change lives.  You should check it out…and if we’re friends…be ready to receive one of these t-shirts as a gift.

The other cool project I have been reading about is The Voice Project.  It’s a phenomenon going on in Uganda.  The women in Internally Displaced Persons Camps have started a peaceful movement involving singing songs to be heard by the children who are former soldiers to let them know they are forgiven and welcome to come home.  It is a touching and incredible idea and really powerful.  Makes me think of the needtobreathe Don’t wait for Daylight lyrics:

Sing out, sing out

Your voice is all you have.

Posted by: ladykyle | March 26, 2010

I was never good at commitment…

So needless to say, that whole doing-something-new-everyday-in-March thing didn’t work out so much…but March has been good and can you believe it’s almost April?! I can’t!  Here are a few things I have just loved this month!

My new Toms! If you don’t know about Toms…well you should…while they may not be the most fashionable choice for some, they are incredibly comfortable and who doesn’t like to make a difference??

Yes, I’m in Ross, rocking a giant mane of hair and my purse is made of seatbelts…you know you’re jealous.

On a lovely afternoon with Sarah, we walked to the local burrito place and had lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised to notice a few things….

As a girl with Crohn’s I was happy to see someone’s thinking about us!

And on that note….this was in the potty to explain the very cool and high-tech-ish toilet.

Gotta love people making an effort to go green! Yay High Tide Burrito!

So it’s been a good few days! Happy Spring!!

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Ok…here goes.  I feel I must confess this…and I feel quite an urge to justify myself, but I will refrain and just spill it.

I am wedding obsessed.  Not like, oh-my-gosh-when-will-I-get-married? wedding obsessed, but I just love to look at wedding blogs with all the gorgeous flowers, DIY projects, sweet stories…and the amazing dresses and videos don’t hurt either.  This obsession isn’t really anything new…I have been pouring over facebook wedding posts for years (my bff-walli will attest to this) and now that a sweet little friend introduced me to Google reader…well, its all been down-hill from there.  My reader is chock-full of wedding blogs.  I just it.  So with that confession out in the air, let me go on to say this…

The more time I spend looking at wedding posts, photos, and stories, the more I start to wonder if it’s all worth it.  I’m not saying that in the “I don’t know if I think marriage is a worthy cause” type of way, but just wondering if the agonizing months and months of planning every last detail are worth just one day.  I know that a ton of brides would say of course, but I would venture to say that most brides adore their wedding day no matter how much money was spent, whether or not the decorations are set up correctly, or if they have an incredible theme and individual touches that knock their guests’ socks off.

Weddings are about the marriage of two people…starting their lives together and creating a new family.  In my humble opinion, it seems like weddings have moved away from focusing on the marriage and vows and turned into a venue for a huge, crazy party.  Which I love.  And there is nothing better than good wedding reception pictures…but…what if the money spent on this party was used just a little differently?

I am in love with the idea behind TOMS shoes as well as the Got Your Back Movement I recently discovered.  How cool would it be to create something like this for weddings?

I’m also in love with the idea of finding a way to give of your time, joy, and overflowing love I’m sure is available on your honeymoon.  How cool would it be to find volunteer opportunities while honeymooning?  I’m sure there is a way to do both.  Hmmm…this calls for some investigation.

****Please note: I am in NO WAY condemning huge, gorgeous, lavish weddings, replete with blooms, bling, and blazing hotties (ok I was trying to keep up the alliteration).  I’m just wondering if it’s for me.  I also understand that no matter how big or small, a wedding is a wedding and to be done in the fashion the couple desires, and in most cases, costs $$$ no matter how you do it.  🙂

Of course I can’t leave the post without a few more links….I will apologize for the obsessing that may ensue.

My very first add to my reader and possibly my favorite

I also enjoy this blog as well

This little gem has some beautiful pictures.

Last but not least, this one has a blog AND some great resources.


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Is anyone else excited?!

I am usually pretty excited about the fun new stuff Target has…

but this time I’m THRILLED.  This stuff is looking so great and fun and frilly and colorful and beautiful!

March 14th will find me at Target shopping all the new Liberty of London products.

Here’s just a little preview…

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Is this for real?

The other day I went to the antique store…and honestly, I have come to realize I just don’t have the eye some people have… I look through the store and see waaaaay too much stuff piled up, some possible treasures but mostly stuff I start to feel concerned about people actually purchasing.

As overwhelmed as I start to feel about the antique store, I have hope that one day I will be able to see the hidden gems in there.  I did however notice a few things…..

Um, I TOTALLY had this lamp as a child.

but really the most unbelievable find….

The man on the scale.

What you can’t see about this is that this poor, forelorn looking, bald man is standing on a scale that reads 333.  I’m not sure how the recipient of such a gift would feel… Personally, I might cry.  But maybe it’s the thought that counts?

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Trying new things…

Ok so that whole “March is going to be a month full of firsts”…that was not exactly a well thought out challenge I created for myself…

I have not quite fulfilled the requirement of trying something new every day but! I have done a few new things and brought back some old ones.

I purchased a coffee maker… and let me just tell you…waking up to the sound and smell of my coffee brewing. Ahh-mazing.  Seriously, it’s so lovely.  Makes me happy to emerge from my sweet, squishy nest of pillows and blankets to fill a cup, pour a little creamer, and scamper back to the bed with coffee in hand.

I also purchased my first app.  I mean I actually PAID for it.  I felt odd about it but I couldn’t resist.  And… I. love. it.  Everyone needs the Hipstamatic on their phone.  It’s like having a few different cameras on your phone.  I may not exactly know how to use it very well yet, but it is very fun.

Sarah wasn’t thrilled about being my model but I appreciate it!!!

I have also been shopping my closet.  What with having my first root canal and the first root canal payments, I am attempting to save money and create new outfits from the hidden treasures I know are lurking in my closet.  So far, we’ve had some successes and some questionable choices.  But I’m working on it…

My next plan of attack is to actually focus myself and this blog…cross your fingers for me!

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Hello March!

March is here and I’m pretty pumped cause that means spring is on the way!  I have decided that March is going to be the month of firsts.  I am going to attempt to try something new every day.  It will be a challenge and let’s be real, towards the end of the month, I might be desperate…feel free to give ideas.  But for now, let’s get it started.

March 1


For the first time, I tried to embroider something.  I had big plans for the day, as I had labeled it “Craft Day”.  Well needless to say, it was not exactly what I had hoped…

Embroidery is hard…it’s not just stitching in fabric like I thought.  Sarah keeps telling me I need to use different fabric, but for now I’m taking a break from my embroidery career and looking for a new project.

If you’re interested in trying to embroider something, I did find a few adorable sites with ideas and patterns.

Feeling Stitchy

Sublime Stitching

March 2

Pumpkin Pancakes

We made a new kind of pancake today.  Pumpkin pancakes chock full of healthy stuff like crushed pineapple and shredded carrots.  Sounds weird, but they were pretty good.  The recipe comes with a cream cheese glaze recipe, but we skipped that and just used sugar-free syrup.  YUM!

Here’s the recipe for the pancakes.  They’re actually called “Carrot-Cake Pancakes” but I thought they were more pumpkinish.  Either way, they’re pretty tasty!

I didn’t take a photo of our breakfast…we ate them too fast!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It’s a rainy, grey day today in Jacksonville.  The plan for the day was to head to St. Augustine, but alas, the weather kept us home.  Instead, Sarah and I have been hanging out inside and started to get bored.  Upon asking “What should we do?”, I responded with, “Wanna make up a dance?”  Sarah just laughed and this list of activity ideas ensued.

Activity Suggestions  for a Rainy Day

Wanna make up a dance?

Upon making this suggestion, Sarah looked at me like I was crazy and laughed.  It was a no go.

You could write a guest post on my blog!

Surprisingly enough, she was not interested.

Do a puzzle.

Great idea, but we didn’t have a puzzle.

Go ice-skating.

Brilliant idea that I will give Sarah credit for, but we missed the public skate time.  Oh well…maybe next week?

Write a haiku.

Sarah thought this was lame, but humored me.  I had to look up the directions but we did it!

Kyle’s haiku….

Boring rainy day

Making my hair so frizzy

Bad mood to follow

I did what the directions told me and drew a picture.

Sarah’s haiku….

Sarah is the best

Even better than the rest

She sports a lifevest

Braid my hair

Sarah was not into this idea.  At.  All.

Give me a back rub.

I thought this was a great suggestion considering that I hurt my back dancing for the dogs that live at Sarah’s house.  She did not agree.

Play a musical instrument (even if you don’t know how)

I played the piano and Sarah played the guitar.  She had fun.  She even said “we’re like a band!”

Make a vision board.

For those of you who don’t know what a vision board is, here’s the one I made for Sarah.  (She thought this idea was stupid too.  I had fun making them.)

Kyle’s vision board…

Oh, you know, all the things I love and look forward to…

Sarah loves and aspires to all of this…

Do a photo shoot!

For this one, Sarah humored me and modeled her Snuggie.

Sarah is a proud owner
This is the real deal! Snuggie…not a Slanket

How she loves the leopard print…

So needless to say, most of these suggestions were ridiculous, but hey…in the process of being outrageous, we laughed a ton and had quite a bit of fun!

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Hair Straightener PSA

For those of you who may doubt the power of the CHI…

Think again.

A few weeks ago I woke up with crazy curls and a mere 20 minutes later had beautiful straight hair!  And I’ve had this Chi for probably five years.  Do yourself the favor and make the investment.  Soft straight hair makes me happy!

Check out the website.  You can get all sorts of cool stuff!

oh boy

That's better

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What makes you happy??

Though I will admit, there are days that I’m less than happy…there is not a day that goes by that I don’t find something that makes me happy.

The past few days have held quite a few of these happy things!

A sleepover at Little Sarah’s
A wake-up from a puny little puppy
Breakfast at the Cool Moose in Riverside…best place ever. If you’re in Jacksonville, you must, must, must visit and take advantage of the delish, bottomless coffee and the stellar location next to Southern Crossings antique store.
Loud music in the car with the windows down.
the Ukelele!!
this tree

I just love this tree for some reason!

Talking to my mom

A phone call from a friend

I would have to say, finding things that make me happy, even if they are little moments of the day, makes my life happier in general. So…CHALLENGE. Find something that makes you happy every day! 🙂

What made you happy today?

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