Posted by: ladykyle | February 27, 2011

Want a good laugh?

Just a few days ago my sister sent me an email entitled:

“Have I told you that I can’t have dairy anymore?? (sinuses!)”

and the body of the email included this:

Perhaps this is a good non dairy alternative?

Ok…pause…click the link…I dare you.

If you haven’t clicked, I’ll clue you in.  It’s about women in London donating their BREAST MILK to be churned into ice cream.  UH…say what?  Yep, breastmilk ice cream.  DISGUSTING.

Here’s where the laugh comes in…my sister also posted this link to her facebook and when I saw it my sparkling wit kicked in and I responded with:

you, my sister, take gross to a new level. but i love the creativity. do you think people use this as income?? I have been looking for a third job…

BUT THEN…I was telling the girl I teach with about this horrible idea and it struck me.  SO I immediately emailed my sister…I think we’re onto something HUGE here.  And yes, I know this is outrageous, but I was laughing so hard I was crying…try not to giggle when you read this…I dare you.

ok seriously i was just telling ms elyse about this and i came up with something brilliant
this could be a new DIET.
think about how many extra points nursing women get on WW….
you’re burning more calories cause you’re producing milk. it’s genius. Make money producing milk while losing weight making it!! HOW CAN THIS FAIL?!? You should market it…we could call it something like:

“The Boobie Diet”
“Skinny Tits”
“Chug my Jugs”
“Fit Funbags”

we could even have some sort of tagline…. “heave those hefty hooters” or “Get a bang up body with our brill breasts”

Oh man i am on to something. Happy weekend!!

I don’t doubt that reading these emails betwixt two brilliant sisters has made you realize a) we are seriously on the cusp of becoming millionaire entrepreneurs or b) you wish you had a sister like us.



  1. Brilliant. Oh wait, I’m involved. Chug my jugs. The slogan of choice.

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