Posted by: ladykyle | February 26, 2011


As February comes to a close and I find myself distancing myself from the not-so-great something (yet totally enjoyable and lots of make-out fun) I had going on with a goy (I should mention I have decided this is my new word with my sister…I’m really bad at making decisions and once I couldn’t decide between boy and guy and my wise little fingers chose goy…thus a new word was created in my ever growing vocabulary), I have allowed myself to reflect on it a little.  As many girls I am apt to say, “oh he’s such an asshole.  I’m over it.”  And then another part of me says, “I was the crazy one and I still like him and oh I wish he would still call me…I’d probably still make out with him.” (Should I be admitting this? I don’t know…nor do I care)  Alas, I have realized that love in its many forms, whether it be like, like-like, true-love, or just love of a snog, is a freaking weird/hard thing to figure out.


I saw this website

The Man’s Guide To Love

and realized that as tough as it feels for me to be weeding through all this crap, it’s pretty hard for those goys out there too.  And I like that there is a website about it.  Lord knows we have enough girl’s guides to finding mr right now, mr cute arm candy, mr let me do whatever i want, mr rich husband, or just mr right (not that these have worked for me…as I lay in bed alone at 9:45 on a Friday night with an empty left ring finger) but let’s help the guys out too.  I’m trying to step out of myself and allow for the concession that goys have it tough (possibly tougher?) than we girls in some love circumstances.

So love is hard/weird/ugly/fun/joy…all those and more and some of these men know it.

I haven’t watched all of them (give me a break, it’s been going on since March 2010 and I just found it tonight…but WHY did I not find it sooner?!) but I kinda adore this man.  And he’s sweet cause he’s speaking French…slowly enough for me to understand too!!


Hope your February was happy and lovely and wonderful.  🙂



  1. My fave is Alan, age 31. Yummy!

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