Posted by: ladykyle | February 5, 2011

Oh, hello 2011!

So here it is…2011…and the 2010 commitment to this blogging thing I swore to myself I would make has flagged.  But, here’s the thing…I am always thinking about things (let’s hope) that I should blog because let’s be honest…I think I’m the funniest person I know and if it’s making me laugh…well then it will probably make you laugh too.  There’s lots to share…so…shall we?

First I have to start with by acknowledging the title of this blog…once again…because I clearly can’t make a decision to save my soul.  I wanted it to be more like all the encouragement and pep talks I share with my sister (because–allow me to toot my own horn for a moment here–I write some pretty damn good pump-you-up/you’re-beautiful/amazing emails).  Now I just want to share all the funny and outrageous moments of my life.  Sound good?

Alright, let’s shake off that uncomfortable getting back into it thing and go for it.

It’s February (and it still feels awkward to include that silent R) and every single blog I read is just brimming over with love quotes, adorable photo shoots, doily craft ideas, and the general hullabaloo that goes along with Valentine’s day.  I, alas, do NOT have a Valentine and while I’m not opposed to having one, or the idea of being loving in general, I’m kinda just irritated by this holiday.  I know, I know, way to be a total single girl stereotype.  Sorry, but that’s just the way it goes.  I am just highly annoyed by the disgusting commercials for the chain jewelry stores and have commented on several occasions (to my roommate, although I could be talking to myself…) that if someone gave me that piece of shit I would be less than pleased.  (I should mention that I will henceforth be using the occasional swear word and having a “snarky” attitude…judge me if you must…agree if you like).

Sooooo…in lieu of going for the lovey-dovey, swoon worthy Valentine February (again…that R…awkward…can we just start pronouncing it?) on Feb. 1st, I decided to give up dessert.  For the month.  I was going to be awesome and healthy and even had a sweet alliteration for it…Fabulous Fat-Free Fitness February.  I talked it up all day…and then…that night…I ate dessert.  I mean, there was ice cream in the freezer, a salted caramel in my bag, cookies on the counter…what was a girl to do??  After I succumbed to the sweet sweet bliss of (sugar-free frozen yogurt) moose tracks, I made a decision.  I’m cute, single, and too young to restrict myself…okay no that wasn’t it.  But I did decide the whole “no dessert” thing was stupid.

Since the dessert take-back I have proceeded to eat dessert with every meal…yes I mean every….what? You don’t eat dessert with breakfast?  I find a handful of pretzel M&Ms to be perfectly appropriate.  I have just polished off a PARTY sized bag of said M&Ms and have another waiting on the shelf in the pantry.  Oh go on and judge me now…I can handle it.  I’m right there with you.

So it seems that there’s been a turn around…maybe my nasty ‘tude (or as I have taught my 3 yr olds at school “badditudes”) about the holiday of love came from the withdrawl I was going through during those tenuous 6 hours with no sugar…or maybe I just decided I should shut up and go with it.  Either way, I will admit…I’m on board.  Let’s do this love thing.


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