Posted by: ladykyle | February 5, 2011


Ok, my absence from this blog business has left me with a lot to say.  I’m not sure that anyone is even reading this but I will share to my hearts content.

Here are some links for what is a very rainy Saturday in Jacksonville.

These adorable wedding photos make me want to chop my hair off again.

Awesome = this (and on a side note, if you’re not checking out this website or following him on twitter…you should)

I am constantly inspired and moved by this blog.  And it makes me want to take more pictures.  Cause she has pictures of literally every moment.

Check out this website about my sweet little Charlie.  Get educated about Hemophilia and feel grateful for your small blessings.

Ok, and on a lighter note…
I kinda love this video. As a girl who is way too into pop music, this makes me feel a little more sophisticated about listening to it. It’s actually a really cool version and you should check out his other stuff.



  1. aw charlie and baby! when are they returning to school? i forgot your surgical items. i will get them this weekend!

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