Posted by: ladykyle | August 17, 2010

Deliquent to the nth degree

To say that my blogging habits are not up to par is an understatement.  With this acknowledgement, I must say…my thoughts on what the purpose of this blog is are all over the place.  I am without a doubt indecisive.

My thought for today is to share one of my most favorite games ever.  Sometimes, I like to play this game with myself and most of the time I play it while at work.  In any given situation, there is an opportunity for awkwardness.  Most people don’t like awkwardness, but somehow I have really learned to cultivate and appreciate the awkward in my life…because there’s a lot.  In view of my love of the awk (have I mentioned I love abbreviations too?) here’s the game.

I like to think of the most awkward thing to do in whatever environment I happen to be in.  For instance, my favorite example I use to explain the game to my coworkers is this:

As a customer is being checked out at the register, most of the time there is a moment of uncomfortable silence as the purchaser waits while the cashier de-sensors, rings up, wraps, and bags the items being purchased.  Some cashiers are lovely and friendly and will happily make conversation with the customer throughout this process.  Most shoppers are happy to accommodate and engage in some brainless banter pertaining to the weather, the start of school, or the plethora of coupons being hurled at them. BUT this happy scenario does not always play out with such ease.  This is where the game comes to play.  The silence can be filled with something entirely awkward.  I do impose one rule: While it MUST be awkward, it’s always better if it is NOT inappropriate.  To rupture the uncomfortable silence, my favorite little gem is for the cashier to nonchalantly say “Oh excuse me, I just passed gas,” while continuing to casually wrap and ring.  This is the best because one, it’s awkward for the cashier to say that, and two, how AWKWARD would you feel if you were the customer?!?  I know I would turn bright red.

With quite the long winded explaination, I should say all that is said to share this….

I’m at Panera using the internet (but…hang on now….I’m probably going to start paying for my own internet service soon…get ready to be inundated with blog entries…does anyone even read this?) and there is a TOTAL cutie sitting two tables away from me.  We are both very sophisticated and cool, typing away on our little Mac laptops and while I may be stealing glances at him…he is more concerned with whatever business it is that he is working on to give my beauty the full attention is it due.  As I am apt to do, I was sitting so gracefully at the table wondering how I might garner a little of his attention and then it hit me.  AWKWARD Panera moment winner.  I have absolutely NO doubt that if I were to say turn on the photobooth application on my computer

(you know the one you take your own pictures and you can see them on the screen) and use it NOT to take photos of myself while alone at Panera but rather use the “reflection” if you will, to take advantage of the lovely natural lighting in Panera and pluck those pesky whiskers that have been popping up on my chin.  (Not that I have whiskers on my chin…this is purely hypothetical and for the greater good of causing an awkward moment)  I’m pretty sure I could glean a glance or two from said cutie a few tables away.



  1. you can blog. i will read it. i am following a couple of blogs now…especially funny ones 🙂

  2. I do!

    How about saying Love ya before you’re hanging up with a stodgy colleague?


    finishing emails love xoxo to colleagues by accident?

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