Posted by: ladykyle | July 21, 2010

The Story of Spanky

Today, July 20th, my sweet little puppy of almost 15 years was lovingly put to sleep.  He was a good old dog but old being the key phrase here, it really was his time.  He had cataracts, two different growths on his back and legs, dimentia, and according to the vet, quite the case of OCD.  These maladies make life all the more difficult as a 98 year old (dog years people) pup.

My dad dug him a hole and he and my mother laid Spanky to rest in the backyard.  Mom made sure he was not in any pain when the IV was put in and spent some time with him before they buried him.  Mom and Spanky were closer than the rest of us.  I have cried about his death but more so, I cry for my mom’s broken little heart.

Spanky put up with all sorts of torment including being carried around in a book bag, being dressed in baby clothes, and being spun around on the kitchen floor so fast it would make you want to vomit.  He was a sweet little guy who always wanted to be close and never held it against you if you wrongly took your anger out on him.  His bark usually started with a little rumble in his throat and he could have been in the circus the way he could sit on his hind legs with his paws in the air for longer than anyone thought possible.

Spanky is the reason I love dogs and was my one and only pet.  (Bob and Becky Guppy from 4th grade do not count.)  We brought him into our family when I was in the 6th grade and still petrified of dogs.  As my mom placed him on my lap the night he came home, I, as usual, was so nervous and freaked out, ran to the bathroom sick to my stomach.  A few weeks later and it was all my mom could do to get me to put him down.

I was so lucky to have him and will miss his sweet, soft ears and the tinkle of his collar when I go to see my parents next.


You’re the best.




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