Posted by: ladykyle | March 26, 2010

I was never good at commitment…

So needless to say, that whole doing-something-new-everyday-in-March thing didn’t work out so much…but March has been good and can you believe it’s almost April?! I can’t!  Here are a few things I have just loved this month!

My new Toms! If you don’t know about Toms…well you should…while they may not be the most fashionable choice for some, they are incredibly comfortable and who doesn’t like to make a difference??

Yes, I’m in Ross, rocking a giant mane of hair and my purse is made of seatbelts…you know you’re jealous.

On a lovely afternoon with Sarah, we walked to the local burrito place and had lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised to notice a few things….

As a girl with Crohn’s I was happy to see someone’s thinking about us!

And on that note….this was in the potty to explain the very cool and high-tech-ish toilet.

Gotta love people making an effort to go green! Yay High Tide Burrito!

So it’s been a good few days! Happy Spring!!


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