Posted by: ladykyle | March 26, 2010

Good idea!

Along with Toms, I have found another company that has taken up the one for one movement.  It’s called the Got Your Back Movement and when you purchase a t-shirt from these guys they provide a school uniform to a child in Haiti.  Without a uniform, children are not allowed to attend school.  Without education, children will miss out on many opportunities to grow, learn, and make a difference for their communities.  Not only do they provide clothing for children, their mission is to identify need and start to change lives.  You should check it out…and if we’re friends…be ready to receive one of these t-shirts as a gift.

The other cool project I have been reading about is The Voice Project.  It’s a phenomenon going on in Uganda.  The women in Internally Displaced Persons Camps have started a peaceful movement involving singing songs to be heard by the children who are former soldiers to let them know they are forgiven and welcome to come home.  It is a touching and incredible idea and really powerful.  Makes me think of the needtobreathe Don’t wait for Daylight lyrics:

Sing out, sing out

Your voice is all you have.


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