Posted by: ladykyle | March 16, 2010


Ok…here goes.  I feel I must confess this…and I feel quite an urge to justify myself, but I will refrain and just spill it.

I am wedding obsessed.  Not like, oh-my-gosh-when-will-I-get-married? wedding obsessed, but I just love to look at wedding blogs with all the gorgeous flowers, DIY projects, sweet stories…and the amazing dresses and videos don’t hurt either.  This obsession isn’t really anything new…I have been pouring over facebook wedding posts for years (my bff-walli will attest to this) and now that a sweet little friend introduced me to Google reader…well, its all been down-hill from there.  My reader is chock-full of wedding blogs.  I just it.  So with that confession out in the air, let me go on to say this…

The more time I spend looking at wedding posts, photos, and stories, the more I start to wonder if it’s all worth it.  I’m not saying that in the “I don’t know if I think marriage is a worthy cause” type of way, but just wondering if the agonizing months and months of planning every last detail are worth just one day.  I know that a ton of brides would say of course, but I would venture to say that most brides adore their wedding day no matter how much money was spent, whether or not the decorations are set up correctly, or if they have an incredible theme and individual touches that knock their guests’ socks off.

Weddings are about the marriage of two people…starting their lives together and creating a new family.  In my humble opinion, it seems like weddings have moved away from focusing on the marriage and vows and turned into a venue for a huge, crazy party.  Which I love.  And there is nothing better than good wedding reception pictures…but…what if the money spent on this party was used just a little differently?

I am in love with the idea behind TOMS shoes as well as the Got Your Back Movement I recently discovered.  How cool would it be to create something like this for weddings?

I’m also in love with the idea of finding a way to give of your time, joy, and overflowing love I’m sure is available on your honeymoon.  How cool would it be to find volunteer opportunities while honeymooning?  I’m sure there is a way to do both.  Hmmm…this calls for some investigation.

****Please note: I am in NO WAY condemning huge, gorgeous, lavish weddings, replete with blooms, bling, and blazing hotties (ok I was trying to keep up the alliteration).  I’m just wondering if it’s for me.  I also understand that no matter how big or small, a wedding is a wedding and to be done in the fashion the couple desires, and in most cases, costs $$$ no matter how you do it.  🙂

Of course I can’t leave the post without a few more links….I will apologize for the obsessing that may ensue.

My very first add to my reader and possibly my favorite

I also enjoy this blog as well

This little gem has some beautiful pictures.

Last but not least, this one has a blog AND some great resources.



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