Posted by: ladykyle | March 12, 2010

Trying new things…

Ok so that whole “March is going to be a month full of firsts”…that was not exactly a well thought out challenge I created for myself…

I have not quite fulfilled the requirement of trying something new every day but! I have done a few new things and brought back some old ones.

I purchased a coffee maker… and let me just tell you…waking up to the sound and smell of my coffee brewing. Ahh-mazing.  Seriously, it’s so lovely.  Makes me happy to emerge from my sweet, squishy nest of pillows and blankets to fill a cup, pour a little creamer, and scamper back to the bed with coffee in hand.

I also purchased my first app.  I mean I actually PAID for it.  I felt odd about it but I couldn’t resist.  And… I. love. it.  Everyone needs the Hipstamatic on their phone.  It’s like having a few different cameras on your phone.  I may not exactly know how to use it very well yet, but it is very fun.

Sarah wasn’t thrilled about being my model but I appreciate it!!!

I have also been shopping my closet.  What with having my first root canal and the first root canal payments, I am attempting to save money and create new outfits from the hidden treasures I know are lurking in my closet.  So far, we’ve had some successes and some questionable choices.  But I’m working on it…

My next plan of attack is to actually focus myself and this blog…cross your fingers for me!


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