Posted by: ladykyle | February 25, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It’s a rainy, grey day today in Jacksonville.  The plan for the day was to head to St. Augustine, but alas, the weather kept us home.  Instead, Sarah and I have been hanging out inside and started to get bored.  Upon asking “What should we do?”, I responded with, “Wanna make up a dance?”  Sarah just laughed and this list of activity ideas ensued.

Activity Suggestions  for a Rainy Day

Wanna make up a dance?

Upon making this suggestion, Sarah looked at me like I was crazy and laughed.  It was a no go.

You could write a guest post on my blog!

Surprisingly enough, she was not interested.

Do a puzzle.

Great idea, but we didn’t have a puzzle.

Go ice-skating.

Brilliant idea that I will give Sarah credit for, but we missed the public skate time.  Oh well…maybe next week?

Write a haiku.

Sarah thought this was lame, but humored me.  I had to look up the directions but we did it!

Kyle’s haiku….

Boring rainy day

Making my hair so frizzy

Bad mood to follow

I did what the directions told me and drew a picture.

Sarah’s haiku….

Sarah is the best

Even better than the rest

She sports a lifevest

Braid my hair

Sarah was not into this idea.  At.  All.

Give me a back rub.

I thought this was a great suggestion considering that I hurt my back dancing for the dogs that live at Sarah’s house.  She did not agree.

Play a musical instrument (even if you don’t know how)

I played the piano and Sarah played the guitar.  She had fun.  She even said “we’re like a band!”

Make a vision board.

For those of you who don’t know what a vision board is, here’s the one I made for Sarah.  (She thought this idea was stupid too.  I had fun making them.)

Kyle’s vision board…

Oh, you know, all the things I love and look forward to…

Sarah loves and aspires to all of this…

Do a photo shoot!

For this one, Sarah humored me and modeled her Snuggie.

Sarah is a proud owner
This is the real deal! Snuggie…not a Slanket

How she loves the leopard print…

So needless to say, most of these suggestions were ridiculous, but hey…in the process of being outrageous, we laughed a ton and had quite a bit of fun!


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