Posted by: ladykyle | February 18, 2010

What makes you happy??

Though I will admit, there are days that I’m less than happy…there is not a day that goes by that I don’t find something that makes me happy.

The past few days have held quite a few of these happy things!

A sleepover at Little Sarah’s
A wake-up from a puny little puppy
Breakfast at the Cool Moose in Riverside…best place ever. If you’re in Jacksonville, you must, must, must visit and take advantage of the delish, bottomless coffee and the stellar location next to Southern Crossings antique store.
Loud music in the car with the windows down.
the Ukelele!!
this tree

I just love this tree for some reason!

Talking to my mom

A phone call from a friend

I would have to say, finding things that make me happy, even if they are little moments of the day, makes my life happier in general. So…CHALLENGE. Find something that makes you happy every day! 🙂

What made you happy today?


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