Posted by: ladykyle | February 16, 2010

Bring on Spring!

Let’s be honest. It’s cold. I know I live in Florida, but Jacksonville is barely Florida…it might as well be south Georgia. And while I’m from Connecticut and according to everyone should be “used to the cold”, well…I’m not. Thirty degrees is cold ANYWHERE. With that in mind, this morning I took my time getting ready for work and headed out wrapped up in a coat and scarf, ready to brave the elements…but much to my delight, it was warm and sunshiney! Hooray! The weather made my heart leap and I knew it was time for what I would consider happy, beautiful weather music. The kind of music that matches the day and makes you smile no matter what.

I would like to share my sunshiney music with you today. I have a feeling that you have never heard of him because he’s Australian and not even on iTunes. But if you can, download this song, put it on your iPod, find a sunshiney day, roll down the windows, and drive with a smile!

Jonathan Boulet
A Community Service Announcement


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