Posted by: ladykyle | February 10, 2010

So sue me!

I know, I know…it’s been a while. But here’s the thing. I’ve been kind of busy…but get excited!! I have a list of new things I plan on writing about on this here blogaroo. I guess I should explain my absence. First, it was the holidays… Children, gifts, travelling, and celebrating threw me off my lovely routine. Then came wedding mania (my bestie got married…more about that later) and after all the matrimonial fun, I was exhausted and had the wind taken from my sails for a bit (maybe more about that too). But alas, I’m back on the wagon and raring to go.

For my first hilarious life tid-bit…. I am proud to announce I was officially a missed connection on craigslist! Haha. To some this may be lame but I am wildly entertained. You see, usually, my little friend goes on the “missed connections” page and sends me postings that are hilarious/awkward/disturbing and pretends to think the poster is looking for me. As I have limited Internet access, the other day I had a moment and thought I would send her a ridiculous one of her own. Well, lo and behold, I saw one that could have actually been me! So after contemplating, I responded to the post and yep! It was for me!!! I can’t stop laughing about it! I have emailed a few times with the gentleman searching to connect with me and will surely keep you posted how it all pans out.


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