Posted by: ladykyle | December 23, 2009

Group Ride

I am on my way home for Christmas!! I love the thrill of the anticipated trip and I’ll admit walking through the airport with my headphones on is possibly one of my favorite things. It makes me feel like a world traveler, a girl on the go, a person of importance. The trip is wonderful in itself because (props to jetblue) my flights are always on time and very smooth. The terrible reality of traveling sets in once I arrive. This trip I have no personal ride home from the airport and let me tell you, this group shuttle is for the birds. I am sitting in the van right now, perched on the very edge of the bench because the other two passengers are taking up more than their fair share of seat. The blonde woman next to me is pretending like she’s going to be reading the giant textbook in her lap but really she is falling asleep, slowly melting into my side. The velour scrunchie on her wrist is just the icing on the cake. The man sitting behind me has wedged himself up against the window and fallen asleep. (insert heavy breathing here) Wow. The man should be embarrassed. It’s loud and something to be reserved for the comfort of your bed alone. The rest of the passengers are asleep except the man to the left of me who is hard of hearing and able to tune out all the pleasant sounds of Heavy Breather over my shoulder. The driver is on the phone and someone has BO. Ah, the joys of holiday travel


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